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Redfield Plugins Bundle 2007-2019 for Adobe Photoshop (01.2019)-PS濾特效插件工具包
雖然專業設計師的PS技術相當了得但是如果能使用一些設計插件的話將大大提升工作效率,快點下載Redfield Plugins for Photoshop 2007-2019插件包吧,它是針對需要進行PS圖像特效設計人士製作一款包含多種設計插件的工具包合集,該插件主要用於平面設計的3D特效,對於大多數的設計師及數碼攝影師有著不小的幫助,假如你對於圖像有著非常高的要求,那麼這些插件將可以幫助你提升它們的質量,插件包涵蓋了各類圖像處理的,使用即可讓你設計出更出色的圖像作品,是你進行PS設計必備的插件包之一.

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Redfield Plugins for Adobe Photoshop. Redfield mostly specializes in 3D special effects for graphic designers. Redfield Plugins offers a family of plug-ins that meet the needs of a diverse spectrum of designers and digital photographers.

Fractalius G4
Fractalius G4 plugin offers you the new way of picture fractalizing.

Fractalius plugin creates unusual, eccentric artworks in a single step. The effects are based on extraction of so-called hidden fractal texture of an image. You can also simulate various types of exotic lightings and high realistic pencil sketches.

Sketch Master
Sketch Master Plug-in - This is a manipulation tool for the creation of realistic looking hand-drawings derived from photos. You can simulate various tools such as lead pencil, ink-pencil, crayon, charcoal, airbrush, etc. Three layers with separate settings allow one to produce some effects of stylized fine-arts on all sorts of surfaces (water paper, squared paper, laid paper, canvas, leather, crepe, rag paper or any other kind of surface you wish).

Perfectum plugin is a tool to smooth out the image imperfections. It enhances the surface smoothness, removes all kind of digital noise, improves the line and edge antialiasing. Perfectum plug-in is useful for enhancing images after upsizing.

iEmboss plugin creates a colorful emboss which can be applied over an image or pattern. You can simulate various embossing surfaces like melted glass, stamping foil, curved stone, decorative concrete, iron castings, ets.

Face Control
Face Control plug-in is a precision tool for facial expression synthesis, for making caricatures from photos, and for animated portraits creation.

Umatrix Plugin - Synthesizer of Geometric Abstractions. A multifunctional tool for manipulation of shapes and colors. You can create a complete 3D artwork with one mouse click. The plug-in comes with a collection of objects.

Plasteroid Photoshop Filter is a precision tool for texturization of plain pictures as well as making impressive photo-frames. You can imitate any surface you wish, all you need is an appropriate texture. The Plasteroid plugin is compatible with Texturation 3D texture database.

Ripples Magic
Ripples Magic Plug-in is a powerful tool for the creation of composite 3D surfaces. Cosmic curves, melted metal, drapes, flowers, jewelry, surreal streamlined pictures are just some of the effects.

Emblazer Filter - This is a feature rich tool for the creation of professional quality futuristic patterns and ornaments. The solution for composing tile-based images of decorative objects, and surfaces.

Craquelure 3D
Craquelure 3D Photoshop Plug-in - It creates a wide range of well known craquelure (krăkloor´) effects. The filter is useful in designing various abstract patterns, textures, decorative surfaces and construction materials.

Water Ripples
Water Ripples Photoshop Filter - This plug-in is very effective in producing highly realistic water ripples. The random settings generator produces unlimited variations of quality 3D rippled surfaces. Special thanks to

Jama 2000
Jama 2000 Photoshop Plugin - Its flexible deformation tool and eccentric pattern/texture generator produce the effect of crumpled paper or textile, variations of curtains, herringbones, wall tiles, knots, wickers, wrappers and strange surrealistic surfaces.

Lattice XP
Lattice XP Photoshop Filter - This plug-in is extremely powerful in producing 3D structures. Its effects include: cartoon-like effects, glossy metal and plastic surfaces, precious stones, drop-style buttons, melted glass. It produces high quality 3D rendering and interpolation. It is very compact and accessible.

Texturation 3D
Texturation 3D Photoshop Plug-in Filter - It is a multi layer texture mapper. It is an abstract stylization tool with a collection of high quality patterns. A smart random settings generator allows one to create combinations by simply clicking on the Dice.

Seamless Workshop
Seamless Workshop Photoshop Plug-in - composes seamless tiles from any image. Also, "surrealistic modification" of a picture can be produced. The unique 'Seamless Blur' effect can be useful for any available tileable pattern.

Included Plugins:
- Fractalius 2 v18.11 (New!)
- Umatrix 3D v18.06 (New!)
- Sketch Master 2018 v18.12 (New!)
- Redfield Fractalius G4 1.20
- Unobtanium 1.90
- Abstraction TX 1.01
- ATX 1.25
- iEmboss 1.50
- Perfectum 2.01
- SketchMaster 3.35
- Umatrix 1.85
- Face Control 2.0
- Face Control 1.25
- Redfield ++ 1.1
- Seamless Workshop 1.20
- Ripples Magic 1.40
- Water Ripples 1.40
- Expressionist 1.20
- Texturation 3D 1.50
- Craquelure 3D 1.70
- Jama 3D v.1.8
- Jama2000 1.80
- Lattice XP 1.80
- Plasteroid 1.43
- Emblazer 1.70
- FineTouch 3.25
- Sharpinion 1.70
- Sharpinion HD 2.0