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LC Technology Filerecovery 2019 Enterprise / Professional Multilingual-數據恢複軟件
FILERECOVERY® 是一款操作安全、價格便宜、用戶自主操作的數據恢複方案,它支持從各種各樣的存儲介質恢復刪除或者丟失的文件,其支持的媒體介質包括:硬盤驅動器、光驅、閃存、以及其它多媒體移動設備。
無論文件是被命令行方式刪除,還是被應用程序或者文件系統刪除,還是從回收站刪除,FILERECOVERY® 都能恢復被刪除的文件。
另外, FILERECOVERY® 能恢復格式化或者丟失的驅動器,能恢復邏輯文件系統嚴重損壞的驅動器,甚至能重建丟失的RAIDs!
FILERECOVERY® 會掃瞄驅動器,並顯示能從被掃瞄的驅動器恢復的文件的列表。
為了保持驅動器上刪除或者丟失的文件,所有被恢復的文件必須保存到另外的存儲設備或者係統裡的其它驅動器名下。FILERECOVERY® 是一款非破壞性的只讀應用程序,它不會往源驅上寫任何東西,也不會對源驅做任何改變。

FILERECOVERY® is the ultimate file recovery software for all your file recovery and data recovery needs! For the second year in a row, LC Technology’s FILERECOVERY® has been awarded a Consumers Digest Best Buy rating!

How to recover files deleted or lost on your hard drive. FILERECOVERY® file recovery software for Windows is a safe and affordable do-it-yourself data and file recovery solution that is designed to recover lost and deleted files from all types of media such as hard drives, optical drives, flash media drives, and multi-media or mobile devices. FILERECOVERY® for Windows file recovery software recovers files whether they have been deleted from the command line, from within an application, the file system, or removed from the recycle bin. In addition FILERECOVERY® file recovery software recovers formatted or lost drives, drives with a severe logical file system damage, and can even reconstruct lost RAIDs!