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MyLifeOrganized Professional時間管理工具
MyLifeOrganized 是一款非常著名的GTD時間管理工具,它能幫助你清楚地組織你的目標、項目和任務,說簡單點,它就是生活日程表。可以給你的項目設定鬧鈴提醒以實現日程管理功能,實在是很好、很強大的軟件。

該軟件同時有PC版本、安卓手機版本、蘋果手機版本、Pocket PC版本,支持wifi無線網絡同步數據的功能,也可以通過雲端來同步,而且還能同Outlook和MindManager進行同步,

Even though a large variety of tasks can quickly be accomplished thanks to technology, time never seems to be enough. It is an important resource that if carefully managed can bring you closer to success. Applications like MyLifeOrganized give you the possibility to easily do so.

Create a thorough database with activities and events
The application features a modern design and an interface that lets you quickly accommodate. You can work with multiple workspaces, each with a dedicated tab.

Tasks and projects populate a list that displays details according to your filters. You are able to carefully arrange each task and project in folders or groups in order to quickly access and identify them. Upon completion, ticking a box no longer has you worrying about it.

Furthermore, a reminder can be set with a custom alarm to remind you it's time to get back to work, or a task is due in a given amount of time. This comes in handy, as it can be set to automatically send an email or run a specific application when it's triggered.

Store your tasks in categories
All items you create are handled in a centered workspace. Additionally, two side panels provide enhanced accessibility, letting you modifying settings and selecting view.

A large number of activities can be kept track of and easily be accessed with the help of one of the side panels. These are sorted out in various categories ranging from, but not limited to inbox, active actions and completed tasks.

To end with
All in all, MyLifeOrganized is a trustworthy application that can certainly help you sort out activities you need to attend to. It comes equipped with an abundance of features that can also prove useful if used in a business. Overall, it lives up to expectations and gets the job done well.

• Outline
Organize your tasks into projects and break down large tasks into subtasks until you get reasonably sized actions.
• Custom Views
You can use default predefined views or create your own views using built-in MLO advanced features for filtering, sorting and grouping your tasks. You can also select which columns to display in the current view.
• Workspaces
The Workspaces (or tabs) are used to store and quickly access a particular configuration for the selected view, additional filter, zoom, selected task etc.
• Search As You Type
It is easy to find a specific task in MyLifeOrganized. The search feature is very fast and it immediately displays search results as you type in the text you want to find.
• Projects
When you mark your task as a project you will then be able to track the overall progress and status of the individual action item. This allows you to easily track how the project advances.
• Templates
Templates for different task management systems from GTD® to Franklin-Covey and Do-It-Tomorrow are included in MyLifeOrganized for Desktop to help you start quickly with your own task management system.